Friday, October 12, 2012

Virtual Shows?

I'm looking forward to the idea of doing virtual concerts and shows.  I like the notion that if no one shows up, at least you're right in your home.  My last few shows have been well attended, but generally there's a major decline in live show attendance.    I also like the idea that I can connect with people all around the globe.  Most of my proactive fans live outside of my home area in Upstate NY.  True, there is a time zone issue but no problems with parking. :)   A 7 PM EST show is at 1AM in London.  Two London-ers have already purchased tickets so apparently they're night owls.   When I was doing my variety show (which I thoroughly enjoyed) renting a venue and paying a band made the venture too expensive for me to continue.   A virtual show may be a great alternative.   I have no idea how I'm going to format the show. I just need to jump in and get a feel for it.  
 I'll kick off the idea this Wednesday Oct 17. 7:00PM.  It will be a House Concert and the first half hour will be viewable online.   My guests will be two fabulous musicians from Argentina (currently living in NYC).  Andres Rotmistrovsky (Bass) and Marcelo Woloski (Percussion).   I played with Andres when I spent a summer working in Rockaway Beach (near NYC).   I'm hoping to do a virtual show every two weeks, perhaps at different locations.  I'm sure it's going to take a few shows to get a flow, but I'm excited to give it a try.
I hope can join me live or virtually.  :)

If you live in or near Rochester NY you'll find info on FACEBOOK:
(or contact me)

If you're out of state or the US
you can see the show on STAGEIT:

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Serendipitous Jerk

When I lived in Maryland, I played an open mic near the U of M, about 40 minutes from my home (not counting the traffic).   Aside from watching people stare at their computers or listening to their ipods with ear buds while people were playing, I managed to check out a few impressive performers before I went on.  After I played I was anxious to get out of there.  The whole vibe of the place was confusing to me.  And there's the trip home. DC traffic is always a pain, even in the evening. 

Weeks later I ended up in a songwriters competition.  Why? I don't know, just to get out and play I guess.  In the lobby I ran into one of the performers I saw perform at that open-mic. I'll call him Willie.  Willie took the time to tell me that I was full of myself, and a jerk for leaving the open mic and not listening to the artists after me.   I was so ticked at his audacity and arrogance, that I couldn't stop all the crap the came out of my mouth.  
Earlier that evening,  a nice woman shared a few kind words to me and approached us as I was chewing this creep out. It was his mother.   Of all the luck. I tried apologizing to his mother for my being forward.   This was awkward to say the least.   Then to make matters grand, Willie turned out to be one of the judges in the event.   Of course I didn't win, but apparently I was a jerk.