Friday, March 20, 2015

Smile, You're On Rachet Camera

I think one of the worst things that have befallen black people is the cellphone with a camera. On one hand we continually cry victimhood and yes, there's plenty camera proof of bad cops, but those numbers are nothing compared to the extraordinary, exponential number of videos displaying how violent, out of control, and yes, even savage we have become, especially to our own people. No, the white man didn't make or edit these videos. We, black folks are taping this footage ourselves for the whole world to see on social media.  Streets out of control. Schools out of control. Homes out of control. The media knows all about this. They hold back. They're intentionally not specific about certain details. Why? Because they fear what everyone fears when dealing with blacks as a whole. We blacks are impervious to criticism.  There can never be a 'real' discussion. A fight perhaps. Racists, uncle toms, coons etc, are as simple as someone who disagrees with the black status quo.  How can anyone stand to be so predictable? However, let someone say, "I know what black people think." then  "You're a racist!" "I bet you're a democrat." "You're a racist."  You can't win.
6 years ago, I honestly thought there was hope for such matters, but it's even worse now. It doesn't matter whose fault it is, but it does matter that it's in fact, acknowledged as a problem, which shockingly, some people don't see it as such. 

Blacks have accomplished more rising up against the restraints of civil violations in past decades. Black History Month talks about some of these people. However, today with all the available opportunities, you would think we had lost that battle.  

If the discussion of race is only about what whites and cops must do, it will remain the growing cancer it's been. If the discussion of race includes what blacks must also do. That's a beginning with a good projection. 
Never mind what the intellectuals and the exceptional people say, all you have to do is observe black America to see that we're unimaginably messed up.   And all we can do is cry victimhood, blame the white man, slavery and agree to the indiscernible idea, that we are not smart enough to take care of ourselves and must be treated like a child with special needs.  Hey, it's a tough world. "Only the strong survive." 
The weak makes self exploitive videos and shows it to the whole world. Kill each other over nothing. Call each other niggers and complains when non-niggers use it.  Maybe the coon is YOU.

For the curious

"White Girl Bleed A Lot" is one of many websites, with an embarrassing number of these shaming videos.  FYI, there's as many black websites doing and saying the same thing.   It's easy to attack the messenger, but it's hard to dispute hard evidence, the videos.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

"Miche, What Happened To You On Facebook?" or Fly On The Wall.

It's not like I wasn't aware of what a life suck social media can be.  But it was fun giving a rambling mind somewhere to go. The challenge of speaking my mind in a non confrontational manner became a challenge. A challenge I welcomed.

Yes, I see almost everything through a lens of humor. So it was a great exercise to voice my thoughts daily in such a manner, as weird and vague as I admittedly am.

When it came to 'friends' and interactions, that's when it became clear what an illusion all this time spent really was.  How can you have over a 1000 friends and yet have no friends?  Observing how we now interact with one another was also a sad realization.   Sending birthday greetings to people we don't even know because Facebook hassles us about it.  Grieving a loss (2 days tops) and immediately posting an animal pic or a meme about how sexy we are.  

We all love and like our online illusions, so long as it doesn't cross into real interaction, which is met with skepticism and distrust.  Interesting isn't it?  So some of us try, pledge to leave this cyber world, only to realize that it was like you were never there in the first place. Most of us return. So I'm not leaving exactly. If I'm only talking to myself, I'll just talk to myself.  If I have a ton of non-friends, I may as well be that fly on the wall.  At least I have some of my life back.