Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Sexy - Redefine 2013

Words can lose their meaning if overused.  Take "awesome" for example: 
[awesome |ˈôsəm|adjective
extremely impressive or daunting; inspiring great admiration, apprehension, or fear : the awesome power of the atomic bomb.]

Today, everything is described as awesome and usually for things are not awesome at all.  I'm trying to figure what's better, being 'awesome' or being 'dope'.     

Another word whose meaning has become nebulous is "sexy". What does that mean exactly?  
Clarification is needed.
When someone says "You're very sexy". Does it mean:

a: You want to buy that jacket for your boyfriend. 
b: You want to mate, whether in captivity or not.
c: You want to copulate with someone you really desire.
d: You're ready to read a harlequin.
e: You want to be 'taken' now or after "So You Think You Can Dance?"
f:   All of the above
g:  None of the above

Let's clear this up...


Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Has Social Media Changed The Rules?

Has social media changed the rules?  There used to be clear boundaries in social behavior. You'd only speak privately about certain things such as politics, religion, abortion, sex, family, depression, etc.  Today, it seems like there are no boundaries. People are open about things that we really don't want to know about.  On facebook we all post what we're doing, how we're feeling, who we've slept with and pictures of cats dead or alive. 

In the musician / artist realm, we're all being humbled with low audience turn out and almost zero sales in our music.  There was a time when it seemed counterproductive, if not tacky to let people know that you're doing badly instead of great.   I find that I no longer feel the need to hide the disappointment of yet another low to no turnout or anticipating such.  The clubs don't hide it from me.   "Your band is excellent and you should be famous but…  you'll have to share the night with six other bands if we have you back." 

Now do you drift back to a network such as facebook and pretend that you're unaffected by this. Nope. We do what we always do. Type away and press post, with typos and all.
Again, I used to try to keep this all to myself, but it's getting unimaginably ridiculous to be quiet about it all.  No, this is not personal, but that doesn't make it feel any better.
So what do I do? I make fun of it.  What else is there to do? 
But I do wonder, what are the rules now? Where are the boundaries?