Tuesday, June 24, 2014

A New CD? Don't Let This Happen To You. Again.

Oopps!  Here I go again.  I'm writing this as a heads up and a reminder to some of you independent artists who record and make Cds.  I haven't recorded a Cd in five years.  In April, I recorded and released my latest recording,  "Between You and Me."  It's been only a few months and it already seems like the project is done and years old.  I sold as many to my fans via social media as I'm going to.  Sixty-nine (total downloads and hard copies).  Did I mention that I have over 2000 fans?  

Everyone knows that no one is buying music anymore.  Which means that a Cd has strictly a more prominent role. Promotion.  Sadly, promotion is the one area that most artists fail in. We put all of our energy into producing it, but the promotion is left to chance.  I realized that here I am again ready to make the same mistake I've made for every project I've ever done. 

I haven't given any more thought to my latest CD after the few sales halted.  What have I done to promote it?  Have I sent it to radio stations or the press?  "But I can't afford an official manufactured cd with a glossy cover. No one's going to write about a cd with a homemade label."   Legit concerns, but excuses none the less.  
True, effective promotion usually is costly, but I'm sure it would make a huge difference and it would aid in getting more gigs. 

Perhaps I should use kickstarter to raise some money to promote my current CD.  Whatever the case, I need to do something. I need to ask more questions. I need to put as much thought in doing something with this Cd as I did in creating it. Why?  Because nobody else is going to.   
Yup, cds may be items only sold on live gigs, but they are also, more importantly today, a promotional tool.

So yes. My work is cut out for me.  Seriously, I almost forgot about my CD.   Don't let this happen to you. Again. 

Here is my latest:



Monday, June 2, 2014

McDonald's and a Music Career

It's 9:28 AM and I'm really pissed.  Let me back track.  I was invited to stay the night after my house concert in New Jersey. And a wonderful night it was. My plan was to get up at 6 AM and be on the road about 7:30 AM.  "Would you like some coffee or something to eat?"  "That's very kind of you, but I think I'll just get on the road. Thank you though." 
I confess, I don't really care much for McDonald's, but I live for a sausage McMuffin with orange juice and coffee. The goal is always to make sure that you get to a McDonald's drive-thru before 9:30 AM. Well goodie. I'll have plenty of time. 

About 8:30 AM I thought it was time to start looking.  There's an exit ahead indicating a McDonald's, an arrow pointing right, off the exit.  I make the turn.  I see other stuff but no Mickey D's.  Then there's the sign, McDonald's 5 miles ahead. What???  I'm not getting off the road to drive an extra 5 miles for a sausage McMuffin, which I was starting to crave by now.   I got back on the main road.  I was beginning to get anxious. It was getting close to 9 AM.    Miles are zipping by and no Mickey D's.  I could taste that McMuffiin.  I could smell it.  Praise Boris, (whoever that is), another sign for morning mecca, McDonald's.   Turn right off the exit.   
I turn right. It's 9:10. I should be good.   Where the heck is McDonald's? I drive 2 miles, 5 miles, 10 miles?  Logic had left me and so did the GPS after I tossed it out of the window.    I've driven this far. I know I can make it. Surely it's over the crest.

Like my music career, I've invested so many miles and so much time that I can't turn back now.   Then suddenly I pass a McDonald's sign on a bent pole. Was I suppose to turn? I couldn't tell.  I'm hyperventilating. Nothing in sight but a sign for the main road up ahead.  I'm seething.     I found Waldo but not that damn clown.   I get back on the main road. It's 9:25 AM. There was no way I'd beat the deadline.  My composure and inhibitions left me. My language was affected as well. I was F***ING PISSED!  Or if you prefer, J'√ČTAIS FOU COMME MERDE! Excuse my french.  I'm back on the main road.  Behold!  McDonald signs were popping up everywhere. Like it was rubbing it in my face. I desperately wanted to pull up to a McDonald's and hope to get one of those clerks that don't smile and have a permanent scowl on their face, and when they greet you with "What do you want?"  I respond "YOU THINK YOU GOT F***ING PROBLEMS??!!!!"   

I was filled with hate and resentment every time I'd see a McDonald's sign.  I was bitter.  Now I'll have to walk in a dunkin donuts with a REAL bad attitude. Which was so unfortunate for the fresh faced, bubbly clerk.  "Hello [smile]. What can I get for you today?"  

It frightens me that this sounds so much like my career. :)

Ps. I was just informed that breakfast served until 10:30 am.
Dang! Well just like I said, it's like my music career.