Wednesday, March 11, 2015

"Miche, What Happened To You On Facebook?" or Fly On The Wall.

It's not like I wasn't aware of what a life suck social media can be.  But it was fun giving a rambling mind somewhere to go. The challenge of speaking my mind in a non confrontational manner became a challenge. A challenge I welcomed.

Yes, I see almost everything through a lens of humor. So it was a great exercise to voice my thoughts daily in such a manner, as weird and vague as I admittedly am.

When it came to 'friends' and interactions, that's when it became clear what an illusion all this time spent really was.  How can you have over a 1000 friends and yet have no friends?  Observing how we now interact with one another was also a sad realization.   Sending birthday greetings to people we don't even know because Facebook hassles us about it.  Grieving a loss (2 days tops) and immediately posting an animal pic or a meme about how sexy we are.  

We all love and like our online illusions, so long as it doesn't cross into real interaction, which is met with skepticism and distrust.  Interesting isn't it?  So some of us try, pledge to leave this cyber world, only to realize that it was like you were never there in the first place. Most of us return. So I'm not leaving exactly. If I'm only talking to myself, I'll just talk to myself.  If I have a ton of non-friends, I may as well be that fly on the wall.  At least I have some of my life back.    

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