Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Window Shopping

My mom was 16 when I was born.  Which means she was still a young lady when I was growing up.  A fact I haven't given much thought to until now.  Through my eyes she was just a mom, she was always 50-70 years old.  My mother has a twin, a fraternal twin.  Most people think they're identical. They're so different yet so much alike.  I'd describe them both as stylish and classy. That's my adult observation, as a kid they were just not to be messed with.   Interestingly, their mother was a twin. So much for skipping a generation.  

On some weekends my mother would take us shopping with her. We'd take a trolley ride to downtown.  This was always fun and exciting.  The streets were always crowded with thousands of people.  It was the only time when reality looked close to something you'd see on TV, but it was even better because it was in color.    My mothers favorite spots were 'John Wannamakers' and 'Gimbels'.  They were huge stores.  We'd would go to the furniture floor and walk through all the room layouts and dream. The bedrooms usually caught my imagination, because some of us kids were still sleeping in the same room together. "Someday I'll have my own room and that's what I want it to look like". I love the feeling I'd get on those adventures.

Once my mother was finished with her window shopping, she'd take us out to dinner.  Usually a nice place and would insist on certain table manners. We had no choice but to oblige.   When we were done, she'd then insist that we each sneak a bowl or utensil to take home with us.  Classy indeed. We had no choice but to oblige.

Everything else was fun.

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