Monday, June 2, 2014

McDonald's and a Music Career

It's 9:28 AM and I'm really pissed.  Let me back track.  I was invited to stay the night after my house concert in New Jersey. And a wonderful night it was. My plan was to get up at 6 AM and be on the road about 7:30 AM.  "Would you like some coffee or something to eat?"  "That's very kind of you, but I think I'll just get on the road. Thank you though." 
I confess, I don't really care much for McDonald's, but I live for a sausage McMuffin with orange juice and coffee. The goal is always to make sure that you get to a McDonald's drive-thru before 9:30 AM. Well goodie. I'll have plenty of time. 

About 8:30 AM I thought it was time to start looking.  There's an exit ahead indicating a McDonald's, an arrow pointing right, off the exit.  I make the turn.  I see other stuff but no Mickey D's.  Then there's the sign, McDonald's 5 miles ahead. What???  I'm not getting off the road to drive an extra 5 miles for a sausage McMuffin, which I was starting to crave by now.   I got back on the main road.  I was beginning to get anxious. It was getting close to 9 AM.    Miles are zipping by and no Mickey D's.  I could taste that McMuffiin.  I could smell it.  Praise Boris, (whoever that is), another sign for morning mecca, McDonald's.   Turn right off the exit.   
I turn right. It's 9:10. I should be good.   Where the heck is McDonald's? I drive 2 miles, 5 miles, 10 miles?  Logic had left me and so did the GPS after I tossed it out of the window.    I've driven this far. I know I can make it. Surely it's over the crest.

Like my music career, I've invested so many miles and so much time that I can't turn back now.   Then suddenly I pass a McDonald's sign on a bent pole. Was I suppose to turn? I couldn't tell.  I'm hyperventilating. Nothing in sight but a sign for the main road up ahead.  I'm seething.     I found Waldo but not that damn clown.   I get back on the main road. It's 9:25 AM. There was no way I'd beat the deadline.  My composure and inhibitions left me. My language was affected as well. I was F***ING PISSED!  Or if you prefer, J'√ČTAIS FOU COMME MERDE! Excuse my french.  I'm back on the main road.  Behold!  McDonald signs were popping up everywhere. Like it was rubbing it in my face. I desperately wanted to pull up to a McDonald's and hope to get one of those clerks that don't smile and have a permanent scowl on their face, and when they greet you with "What do you want?"  I respond "YOU THINK YOU GOT F***ING PROBLEMS??!!!!"   

I was filled with hate and resentment every time I'd see a McDonald's sign.  I was bitter.  Now I'll have to walk in a dunkin donuts with a REAL bad attitude. Which was so unfortunate for the fresh faced, bubbly clerk.  "Hello [smile]. What can I get for you today?"  

It frightens me that this sounds so much like my career. :)

Ps. I was just informed that breakfast served until 10:30 am.
Dang! Well just like I said, it's like my music career.

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  1. lol! I sympathize Miche. I've been in this situation myself many times, and I no longer trust those blue signs for anything! je