Thursday, February 16, 2017

Lieutenant's Log # 4

February 16, 2017
Lieutenant's Log # 4

 My first band cruise experience was a trio. Piano, bass and voice.  The band was great.
This time the line up is piano, voice and saxophone. I've worked with the pianist (Doru) in the previous line up. No bass?  Doru and I were both unnerved at the thought. However Doru, the pro that he is, figured out how to make it work using backing tracks minus piano.  It's different, but it works if you know how.  So Choko's saxophone was a nice touch.  Choko himself is a great musician, and hard not to really like as a person. I'm actually playing a lot more guitar than before, mainly because the ship has upgraded their monitor system. Now the acoustic guitar sounds great. 


Knowing that I haven't been singing much these days, I was very nervous about my voice, having to sing five sets a night and seven nights a week. Fortunately, I quickly remembered and adjusted to the softer singing style which I actually prefer. It's more musical and lyrical. My voice likes it.  I recalled a few tips I learned from the one of the ship's show-group singers two years ago. From baking soda to "TMRG (Voice Solution)", I came prepared. 

Last night was awkward. There are chairs placed around the grand piano which puts people up close to the band. Sometimes too close.
It's not so bad when women are seated or couples, but when a gang of men are seated up close, it's ... weird. That was the case last night.  
The piano is designed so that drinks can be placed on top of it or on the shelf made around it.  I stand on the side of the piano.  Last night I had my usual water, tea and not so usual, two cookies near me.  An adorable Norwegian (I'll call him Sven) became enamored with alcohol and the band. Through the evening he became enamored with me. Eventually, he nabbed a chair right next to me, expressing his love for me, grabbing my hand. I was hoping someone from the staff would intervene.  Then Sven helped himself to my glass of water AND my tea.
"Would you like a cookie?"  "No thank you."     Well, it's only the beginning.

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