Saturday, February 25, 2017

Lieutenant's Log #8

February 25, 2017

Lieutenant's Log #8

Life feels a bit more isolated than before. The first time I was on the ship was in the months of May and June. The weather was beautiful. Everyday I'd get up and out for a walk. Now I'm here in the month of February to the end of April, so far it's quite cold and grey. Going for a walk is not a desirable consideration.  Perhaps the weather will change as we close in to the month of April.  


I was always amused that at cheaper hotels or motels you no longer will find a bar of soap and mini bottles of shampoo. Instead, there's this mystery liquid that claims you can use it for body wash, shampoo, hand soap, mouthwash, tooth paste and coffee sweetener. I was surprised to find nicely packaged items in the Kiel Pharmacy making the same claims. Good thing I'm not much of a coffee drinker.  I'm guessing the nicer hotels know this mystery liquid fact to be true, that all such items are pretty much made from the same stuff, but recognize that customers will frown upon using a versatile single item, thinking the establishment is cheap and without 'class'.  I wonder if I can use it for shaving?


Last night as the band started our third set, a striking brunette, tall (6' or close) wearing a black one piece short skirt thingy with a bob style haircut walked up and sat down right next to me as I was singing. When one of the other guys were soloing, she'd start talking to me. Stroking my arms the whole time. This was very unnerving for a lot of reasons.  For starters any contact with other humans on the ship is rare. I found that I couldn't bring myself to say to the attractive woman, "Stop stroking me." Then her husband comes up and a sat at the piano next to her. Surprisingly, this didn't stop her behavior, she kept chatting and stroking away. I began to wonder what this could possibly lead to.   Then he said, "Black people are the best singers, right?" She stopped stroking. Then I was about to have a stroke.  This was an awkward question and I felt under pressure. If I had said no,  no doubt, word would've gotten back to National Black Caucus and I'd never be able to enter the US again.  So I answered, " Uhhhh, yeah."  Then I started singing.  "You are the best singer I've ever heard." "So smooth." "What are doing on a ship, singing. You should be a star."   Believe it or not, I hear this a lot. I'll just say, I'm grateful. The brunette left briefly.  When she returned, she stuffed a note in my jacket along side of my pocket scarf, in front of her husband.  I was honestly afraid to read it.  I finally got the courage during the break.  What a night. 


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