Sunday, February 12, 2017

Lieutenant's Log #1

February 12, 2017

Lieutenant's Log # 1

Tomorrow I embark on the Color Line cruise ship. I arrived in Kiel yesterday. It feels good being back in Germany, at least in Kiel. From what I read, there's a lot of turmoil east of here. However, I'm very comfortable here in Kiel. Yes, I could live here. 
The flight from Toronto was longer than I remember. "How was the flight?" Well, no one booed when we landed. Sometimes I wonder why people applaud when the plane lands. Isn't that what the plane is suppose to do?  I hope I'm never on a plane when people are booing. 

The plane landed in Hamburg. I took a bus from Hamburg to Kiel. Fortunately, the Hotel booked was walking distance from the bus stop. I'm carrying two cases, my guitar on my back and a portfolio.  One of the tricky parts of this gig is the amount of clothes I have to bring. Performing in the "jazz room" requires me to dress nice every night. Not that I mind, but how am I going to carry all those clothes. Band mate from my first cruise ship experience, sent me a YouTube link on packing a ton of clothes in a smallish case. That was super helpful. If you're curious take a look.


The hotel is right along the port. You can see the ships outside the window. It's a nice hotel and it's a great precursor to the ship adventure. Sans luxury.  My room is remarkably similar to the "ensign's quarters" from my first trip.  Uncomfortable looking beds that are shockingly comfortable. Terrible internet and exceptional food.  Tomorrow begins the adventure as I haul my bags from the hotel to the ship. A mild work out.