Friday, March 30, 2012

Eggs and Ethics

James Clark, that's a name that still gives me chills. We grade schoolers were all terrified of him. Funny, he was only known as James Clark, not James or Clark. We'd keep a quarter in our pocket just in case we'd run into him. He'd always come out of nowhere.

Me and one of my buddies were walking up 52nd street. What a nice day. Out of nowhere poofs James Clark. "You got any change?" "No." "Oh yeah, do some jumping jacks." I don't know what was more embarrassing, doing jumping jacks and jingling like a piggy bank or being a reject fitness spectacle in front a some school girls who were walking by. He'd take all the money and then "slide" you for lying (hit you in the head). Great, he's got ethics.

He also had great aim. Greg and I were going to the movies one afternoon, POOF! It's James Clark. "You got any change?" This time we ran. We stopped to see if he was still chasing us. I turned around to look and WHACK!!! I got smacked in the face with an egg. I think he was a half block away. Where the heck did he get an egg?

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  1. Apparently James Clark was not on an "Egg hunt", but a "Mick hunt"?