Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A Good Boy

I was a good boy, but that was only because I was so lame at being a bad boy. I tried. I remember two kids walking by me in the school yard. I guess they bumped into me or something. "Hey, watch where you're going or I'll beat both of you up." I've seen bullies do this effectively. It didn't work for me. The both of them beat the crap out of me. Getting beat up by two kids younger and shorter than me was a indication that my career was over. Then there was playing hooky from school. There was a four lane street we had to cross to go to school. It would be busy in the morning. The crossing guard would be there and eventually would leave… I saw to it that I was late, so there would be no crossing guard . Then I could allow myself to be afraid to cross the street, which I did convincingly because I WAS afraid to cross the street. I would then go hide by the train tracks which was behind our house. I was found by a truant officer who dragged me to school and called my mom. You'd think my mom would wait until we got home before she beat the crap out of me.

Like I said, my career was over.

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