Sunday, March 25, 2012

Model Cars

The Red Barron, The Pie Wagon, The Paddy Wagon, were just a few of the model cars I built and worshiped as a kid. After spending hours in my little room building these things, the glue would get to me. :( Then came HO slot cars. I never entered a race, I just loved 'souping' them up.


  1. I used to live down the street from Mr Eaton. He ran the Islip Speedway where everyone would go to watch the drag races (ever try running in high heels? LOL). He actually made real cars like the ones we built as models. I think he did a couple of famous ones for TV and movies. Everyone in the neighborhood would wait with suspense to see what would emerge from his garage.

    1. Wow, if I had a neighbor like that, I don't think I'd be musician today. I'd be building something. :)